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Design, development
& thought leadership

About me

Located in Nottingham (UK), I currently work remotely as an Email Design & Production Specialist for Litmus, a US based SaaS company that helps brands to build, test and analyse emails.

Aside from designing Litmus' own customer and subscriber emails, I create design libraries and documentation to keep email production consistent and efficient, and contribute to the evolution of company brand guidelines and creative assets.

My career spans over 10 years, working on web and email design and development, animation, illustration, marketing and brand design.

When I'm not working

First there comes parenting, I am a mother to one lively 7 year old girl. Then there is more creating – I am often found sewing, drawing, painting or making in my spare time. I am a big fan of the natural world, in summer I spend a lot of time working on my garden and growing vegetables (with some success). We live in a rural spot, so walking and BOP (bird of prey) watching, with my little family unit brings a lot of joy.


There are many things that I am passionate about when it comes to design, and as a member of the Email Team at Litmus I have the opportunity to be a thought leader. Over the last 2+ years I have written over 20 blog posts that speak to design trends, accessibility and various 'how to' guides.

Further thought leadership

Beyond writing for the Litmus blog I have also taken part in a number of webinars, speaking to design trends, tools and processes. In 2019 I spoke at Litmus Live, Litmus' annual conference for marketers and practitioners, and most recently I took part in a series of recorded sessions around email accessibility, alongside Mark Robbins for Salesforce Trailhead.