Lily Worth

MarketInvoice HubSpot templates

MarketInvoice were looking to tailor the experience of their pay per click traffic (PPC) which landed on HubSpot (an inbound marketing tool) hosted pages.

Using their existing site’s styling and imagery I designed and developed two page templates that MarketInvoice could use to create landing pages for their PPC traffic. Using Hubl Syntax I created editable areas that enabled various content to be added via HubSpot. A key requirements was to improve the user journey, but mirroring pages and content found on the main website.

Again making use of Hubl syntax I designed and developed an email newsletter template for use within HubSpot, enabling the client to create regular campaigns. further work included the design & development and acquisition email templates that could be provided to agencies, affiliates and used within SendGrid.

MarketInvoice template page
MarketInvoice template - mobile
MarketInvoice acquisition email - mobile